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What is carbon steel? What are the characteristics?


Carbon steel is the basic material used the earliest and the largest in modern industry. The industrial countries in the world, while trying to increase the output of low-alloy high-strength steel and alloy steel, also pay great attention to improving the quality of carbon steel, expanding the variety and scope of use.
At present, the proportion of carbon steel output in the total output of steel in various countries is maintained at about 80%. It is not only widely used in construction, Bridges, railways, vehicles, ships and various machinery manufacturing industries, but also in modern petrochemical industry, Marine development and other aspects, it is also used in large quantities.

1. Carbon structural steel
Main use: all kinds of engineering. Usually after hot rolling air cooling supply, users generally do not need to carry out heat treatment and direct use. This steel is classified into five grades according to its yield strength.

2. High quality carbon structural steel
Main uses: important machine parts. The mechanical properties of parts can be adjusted by heat treatment. Factory state can be hot rolled after air cooling, can also be annealing, normalizing and other states. According to the provisions of the national standard (GB/T699-1999), it is divided into three quality grades: high quality steel, high quality steel A and high quality steel E.

3. Carbon tool steel (WC=0.65%~1.35% high carbon steel)
Main purpose: Making all kinds of small tools. It can be quenched and tempered at low temperature to obtain high hardness and wear resistance. It is divided into two categories: high quality grade and high quality grade.

4, general engineering casting carbon steel parts (cast steel)
Main uses: difficult to use forging and other methods of forming complex parts and mechanical properties of higher requirements;


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