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oil casing pipe
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Oil casing pipe Description

The oil casing is mainly used for supporting the well wall during and after the completion of the drilling process to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the entire well after completion. Oil casing is the lifeline for maintaining oil well operations. Due to different geological conditions, the downhole stress state is complex, and the combined action of tension, compression, bending and torsion stress acts on the pipe body, which puts high requirements on the quality of the casing itself. Once the casing itself is damaged for some reason, it may result in a reduction in production and even scrapping of the entire well.According to the strength of the steel itself, the casing can be divided into different steel grades, namely J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150 and so on. The well conditions and well depth are different, and the steel grades used are also different. The casing itself is also required to have corrosion resistance in a corrosive environment. It is also required that the casing has anti-crushing properties in places with complicated geological conditions.

Oil casing pipe Classification

Different types of casing used in oil extraction: Surface oil casing protects the well from contamination by shallow water and shallow gas, supports wellhead equipment and maintains the weight of the other layers of the casing. The technical oil casing separates the pressure at different levels so that the drilling fluid is properly circulated and the production casing is protected. In order to install the anti-burst device, the leak-proof device and the tail pipe in the well. Oil-in-oil casings export oil and gas from the subsurface storage. Used to protect the well and stratify the drilling mud. When producing oil casings, the outer diameter is usually 114.3 mm to 508 mm.Protect the well from contamination by shallow water and shallow gas, support wellhead equipment and maintain the weight of the other layers of the casing.

Oil Casing Pipe Chemical Composition

Steel GradeMass fraction, % based on heat and product analyses a,g
max bmax bmaxmaxmaxmaxmax

Oil Casing Pipe Mechanical Property

Pipe GradeTensile Properties – Pipe Body of SMLS and Welded Pipes PSL 1Seam of Welded Pipe
Yield Strength aTensile Strength aElongationTensile Strength b
Rt0,5 PSI MinRm PSI Min(in 2in Af % min)Rm PSI Min

Oil casing pipe Specification

Product Name

oil casing pipe


GR.B,ST52, ST35, ST42, ST45,X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70,SS304, SS316 etc.


Size 1.050" to 20" Outside Diameter 26.67 mm to 508 mm




API5L, ISO 9001:2008,SGS, BV,CCIC

Wall thickness

2.87~16.13 MM LB/FTS

Surface Treatment

black paint, varnish, oil, galvanized, anti corrosion coatings


Standard marking, or according to your request. Marking Method: Spray white paint

Pipe Ends


Pipe Length

1. R1: 4.88~7.62M.
2. R2:7.62~10.36M
3. R3:10.36~14.63M


Loose package; Packaged in bundles(2Ton Max);  bundled pipes with two slings at the both end for easy loading and discharging; End with Plastic caps; wooden cases.


Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties, Technical Properties, Exterior Size Inspection, hydraulic testing , X-ray Test.


oil pipe; gas pipe


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2.Abundant stock and prompt delivery

3.Rich supply and export experience, sincere service


Our steel products are mainly used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, offshore, seawater pipeline, desalination plant, nuclear engineering, paper and pulp industry.

Oil and GasKuwait is a country of petroleum resources with abundant, oil factory also is very broad, respectively, the oil plant are mainly used for refining oil and oil processing.
MarineSubmarine pipelines carry such things as domestic water, waste water, electrical lines, gas lines, communication lines, and outfall or intake systems.
ConstructionBridge materials with high strength, low cost for selecting the main basis, give priority to with development of the traditional steel and concrete.
EnergyEngineering is mainly aiming at the water pollution and solid waste pollution. using the steel pipe to filtrate in order to improve the quality of water.

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Factory Display

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