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Shipbuilding steel plate
Standing inventory of 2,000 tons, contact us via message or email for details.
Shipbuilding steel plate

Shipbuilding steel plate refers to hot-rolled steel for the manufacture of ship structures produced in accordance with the requirements of the construction society. Often used as a special steel ordering, scheduling, sales, a ship including ship plates, steel and so on.

Ship building steel plate classification

Ship building steel plate refers to the hot-rolled steel sheet produced in accordance with the Classification Society building code for the manufacture of ship structures.According to its small yield point, the strength of Marine steel plates is divided into general strength structural steel and high strength structural steel. Structural steel for ship hull is divided into two kinds: general strength steel and high strength steel. General strength steel is divided into four grades according to its mass: A, B, C and D. High strength steel is divided into two strength grades (32, 36) and three quality grades (A, D, E), the main specifications are AH32, DH32, EH32, AH36, DH36, EH36.

Shipbuilding steel plate chemical composition

Grade C Si Mn P Su V Al Cr Cu Mo Nb Ni Ti
ABS AH36 0.18 0.1-0.5 0.90-1.6 0.035 0.035 0.05-0.10 0.015 0.2 0.35 0.08 0.02-0.05 0.4 0.02

Shipbuilding steel plate mechanical property

Grade Yield Strength (MPa) Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation at Break (%)
ABS AH36 355 490-620 21

Product Specification

Product Name

Ship building steel plate naval plate boat plate


4m-12m or as required


0.6m-3m or as required


3mm-300mm or as required




Hot rolled

Surface Treatment

Clean, blasting and painting according to customer requirement

Thickness tolerance







To prevent the hull from being corroded by chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion and sea life and microorganisms.It is
used in make ship body ,decks etc.


1tons.We also can accept sample order.

Shipment time

Within 15-20 workdays after receiving deposit or L/C

Export packing

Waterproof paper, and steel strip packed.
Standard Export Seaworthy Package.

Suit for all kinds of transport,or as required.


250,000 tons/year

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Our steel products are mainly used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, offshore, seawater pipeline, desalination plant, nuclear engineering, paper and pulp industry.

Oil and GasKuwait is a country of petroleum resources with abundant, oil factory also is very broad, respectively, the oil plant are mainly used for refining oil and oil processing.
MarineSubmarine pipelines carry such things as domestic water, waste water, electrical lines, gas lines, communication lines, and outfall or intake systems.
ConstructionBridge materials with high strength, low cost for selecting the main basis, give priority to with development of the traditional steel and concrete.
EnergyEngineering is mainly aiming at the water pollution and solid waste pollution. using the steel pipe to filtrate in order to improve the quality of water.

Export area

We are a well known worldwide supply and export Shipbuilding steel plate in following countries:,Italy, Philippines, France,Ireland, Portugal, Gambia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Libya, Romania, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Ghana, Slovakia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Oman, Egypt, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Yemen, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Belarus, Finland, Gabon, Iran, Canada, Argentina, Lebanon.

Factory Display

Factory Display

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